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How top consultants use video to fight slide deck fatigue

Today, companies working in the Business Consulting sector are facing multiple challenges, like finding new ways of engaging clients, and making sure the content created is brand compliant – which is difficult especially when multiple tools are used by employees. 

Give freedom to your team’s creativity in a brand-compliant environment and learn how to create video presentations to catch customers’ attention while getting your message across.    

Join this webinar to learn:

:white_check_mark:  How top consultants fight slide deck fatigue using video

:white_check_mark:  How to give freedom to your team’s creativity in a brand-compliant environment

:white_check_mark:  How to avoid costs and difficulties of outsourcing content creation

:white_check_mark:  New ways of catching customers’ attention

Meet the speaker

Nicola Carone, Enterprise Account Manager at Moovly

Nicola Carone is the Enterprise Account Manager at Moovly. In his role, he guides customers through the entire process of discovery, trial, and onboarding. He places a focus on identifying the areas where video can enhance communication efforts in various organizational functions such as Business Consulting, Finance, and IT.

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