How to use video to attract new talent in 2022

Enhance and improve the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy by creating your own customized videos to attract the ideal candidates.

Easily create videos to engage with your potential candidates pool in different channels while reflecting your organization’s values and culture. Decentralize talent acquisition by enabling local teams to produce their own video content and ensuring brand compliance.

Join this webinar to learn how to: 

:white_check_mark:  Increase your visibility to reach out to potential talent

:white_check_mark:  Personalize your hiring and onboarding process

:white_check_mark:  Adapt your video content for various channels

:white_check_mark:  Convey your company culture and values through video creation

:white_check_mark:  Use predefined templates to reduce production time and cost

Meet the speaker

Angelos Seretis, Enterprise Account Manager, Moovly

Angelos is Enterprise Account Manager at Moovly. In his role, he guides customers through the entire process of discovery, trial, and onboarding. He places a focus on identifying the areas where video can enhance communication efforts in various organizational functions such as learning & development, change management, and talent acquisition.

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