The new
Moovly Gallery

Inspiration for your Moovly projects - and a place to share yours!

Just like any Moovly user – free or paying – you are able to post Moovly videos on the Moovly User Gallery: a publicly visible place for everyone to share Moovly videos. But also a place to find ideas and inspiration for your own Moovly projects! Browse hundreds of great user-made examples, and use (most of) them as a template for your projects.

Sharing your projects via the Gallery

When you’ve finished creating  your Moovly project, you are able to download it or publish it directly on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more. However, the Moovly Gallery is also one of your potential destinations to consider. Why? Because there are additional options you won’t find on the other platforms, as we’ll explain further.

First and foremost, the Moovly Gallery is a very convenient and easily accessible public place for you to publish and share your videos with your audience. No extra account needed, even as a free Moovly user you are already able to publish videos on the Gallery. So if you don’t have a channel on YouTube or want to avoid advertising, the Moovly Gallery is your best option. 

Your own Personal Gallery

All the videos you are publishing on the Gallery are also organized on one single page: your Personal Gallery! You can find the URL of this page via the Galleries tab on your Moovly Dashboard. Your Personal Gallery is a public location on the Moovly Gallery, so feel free to share this page with your own community interested in your videos.

Sharing projects as a template

When you publish a video project on the Moovly Gallery, by default your viewers will be able to use your video as a template for their own project. This enables you to make video templates for others and share them via your Personal Gallery. If you have a Pro, Max or Enterprise account, you are able to switch off this option during the publishing process and keep your video ‘view-only’.

Using other users’ projects as a template

As you browse through the different categories of videos on the Moovly Gallery, you will find a huge variety of user-made videos in many different subject areas, languages and styles. Many of these videos are available as a template, which means you can copy them and use them as a basis for your project. Just use the button ‘Use as template’ below the Gallery video and the project will be copied to your own Dashboard.

Creating Group Galleries

If you have an Enterprise account and are part of a group, you are also able to create additional Galleries. These can be public or private. If you are a teacher or trainer and would like to share a series of e-learning videos with your students, you can organize these in a dedicated gallery. If your content is confidential or should be restricted, you can also create private group galleries, only accessible by members of your Moovly group. 

Staff Picks

Every single day, Moovly users are publishing many new videos on the Moovly Gallery. We regularly select the best examples and organize these in the relevant categories, to enable you to find great examples in your areas of interest. We also select a ‘Video of the week’, based on criteria such as creativity, story, production quality and variety of Moovly features used.

The Moovly Gallery is a great showcase of the many features and capabilities of Moovly, as well as an endless source of inspiration for your own content. Make sure to frequently visit it and check out what’s new. Or even better: make sure to regularly post your own Moovly projects and share them, not only with your own audience, but also with the vast community of Moovly creators. And one day, your video may also be featured as the Video of the week!

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